• Achievements

    • Credibility

      With our clients trust, we chase new achievements.

    • Challenges

      Reach our goals is to exceed costumers expectations.

    • Convergence

      Using different ways and platforms, we achieve better results.

  • ObaRun 2015

    • Technology

      Platform that offers convenience and easy user access.

    • Creativity

      Design and visual presenting exactly the brand concept.

    • Innovation

      A traditional campaign presented in a totally different way, bringing modernity and interactivity to the website.

  • A new messagefor you

    • Convergence

      Relevant multichannel,
      reaching your customer at the right time.

    • Sustainability

      Campaigns are created today, aiming and thinking about tomorrow.

    • Storytelling

      The most important thing is, always, the story we are going to tell.

  • OutbackNew website

    • Technology

      A platform designed by taking into account the best use and understanding of the user.

    • Business

      More content and more interactivity with lovers of the restaurant network.

    • Design

      Better user experience when connecting with the brand.

  • SOS Mata AtlânticaForests of the future

    • Gamification

      Creation and planning of the first virtual forest in the real world.

    • Technology

      Crossbrowser multiuser platform for greater game access.

    • Cross Media

      We created the strategy of how connect the virtual world with the real tree planting.


Everything is constantly
changing. Dominating this change,
the opportunities are limitless.

It doesn't matter if we are going to create a website, plan a campaign, develop an application, or even create
a new product. One thing is clear: if it is not useful to your business and public, it should not exist.
In a nutshell, our job is storytelling.


We accept challenges so that the goals of our
customers become reality.

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What we do

We are a convergent agency, which combines innovation,
technology and digital applications.

We help our client to communicate with a focus on this world constantly changing.In Digitale, you have services in the areas:

What we do


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We are

Agency - Results - Impact - Transformation - Strategy

We are


Grupo Attitude is the largest Brazilian multinational communication company operating in four major business areas:

1. public relations and strategic communication (PR); 2. monitoring, research and competitive intelligence (data services);
3. financial communication (RI) and governance; 4. digital communication, videos/web TV.

This combination of skills enables the provision of a unique value proposal to the market which includes information
monitoring, diagnostics, analysis, planning and action on the analog and digital platforms for the main relationship publics
(consumers, investors, communities, media, government, councilors and employees) and the measurement of results by
means of specific indices.

Grupo Attitude has offices in Brazil (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Campinas) and abroad
(Chicago, New York, San Diego, Hong Kong, Sydney, Taipei and Vancouver).

Driven by principles of innovation, transformation, entrepreneurship and governance, Grupo Attitude
provides exclusive services to more than 1500 customers in 14 countries.